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:iconcommentplz: :iconreadplz:

next,Who be my 150th watchers,will get animation art from me :iconminghideplz://kicked


:iconvenakiki::iconsaysplz:I luv yer Awesome art XD


venakiki has started a donation pool!
30 / 500
Sup peeps! this is Umiko~
Imma now is collecting :points:~ so mind donate me some? ;3;

:star:Why I Need :points:?:star:
:damphyr:Premium upgrade(Imma really wanna PM :iconcraiplz:)
:damphyr:For ze contest & group contest~(if Imma plan to make it)
:damphyr:Give some to ze friend! .w.
:damphyr:Commission amazing & awesome peeps~! >8D
:damphyr:Some for myself,of course! ;w;

PLEASE DONATE POINTS stamp by KawaiiLizziePLEASE DONATE POINTS stamp by KawaiiLizziePLEASE DONATE POINTS stamp by KawaiiLizzie
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Progress Bar 80% by Utwin-Umiki-Shading
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:star:To Do List:star:
Request Button by Utwin-UmikiADmonstersaurus Mike(chibi)Progress Bar 0% by Utwin-Umiki
Point Commission Button by Utwin-UmikiPhiatoz UTAU AJProgress Bar 100% by Utwin-Umiki
Art Trade Button by Utwin-UmikiPCPROJECTX99 LeoProgress Bar 100% by Utwin-Umiki
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Point Commission Button by Utwin-UmikiSonicAndHildaFan11 a couple ,Hilda & TrevorProgress Bar 0% by Utwin-Umiki
Request Button by Utwin-UmikiRyuuRenz his OC(that I don'k now the name XD//killed)Progress Bar 0% by Utwin-Umiki
Point Commission Button by Utwin-UmikiAhoy-Capn-Jes a couple,Jacob & JessProgress Bar 0% by Utwin-Umiki
Point Commission Button by Utwin-Umikifallinqacorn TidgeProgress Bar 100% by Utwin-Umiki
Point Commission Button by Utwin-UmikiBreesBeast Herself & her boyfriendProgress Bar 0% by Utwin-Umiki
Point Commission Button by Utwin-UmikiRunawynd Keiran x Garrick,in BL scene~Progress Bar 100% by Utwin-Umiki
Point Commission Button by Utwin-UmikiAki2pJones 2P! America,HetaliaProgress Bar 0% by Utwin-Umiki
Request Button by Utwin-UmikiGishitaGiichin Tomo-chanProgress Bar 100% by Utwin-Umiki
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Request Button by Utwin-UmikiKalu-Chan11 AriaProgress Bar 100% by Utwin-Umiki
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I Know You're Concerned But... by silvvyI Know You're Concerned But... by silvvyI Know You're Concerned But... by silvvy


:star:Other Thing:star:
:damphyr:Make UTAU cover & design
:damphyr:MMD practice(well I already do it since last year but Imma forget orz =w= )
:damphyr:Make 3 OC for group & 4 for NF
:damphyr:Make 3 cat in human form
:damphyr:Save money:iconkurokohideplz:
:damphyr:Read comics that I don't read yet
:damphyr:Collect comics until it reach to 100
:damphyr:Buy novel that I watch from drama(Malaysia drama)

Imma now use ze lappy AKA blazky(since my lappy is black I named him that XD) will haitus QAQ, many thing to do orz:iconlazycryplz: QWQ:iconnathanielfacepalmplz:
MOOD: busy with life,VERY lazy & tired

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:note: me if you are interested
+2 :points: if you want lineart or sketch have(other that black) color or rainbow~
+2 :points: to add Simple Background~
FREE for Transparent Background~
+2 :points: for add 1 person~(LIMIT: 3 person)
if you don't have enough :points:,you can debt with me until you have enough :points:

What I can't draw
:bulletred:Mature Art,Yuri & Yaoi (if you really want me draw in that.....well wait until I'm in 18+ years old//killed)
:bulletred:Weapons(like gun & etc)
:bulletred:Realistic(I can only draw in Anime style....orz,but I'll learn it one day)
:bulletred:Pervert(like naughty thing :I)
:bulletred:MLP( I love MLP actually.....but I don't how to draw it ;A; )


Umiko icon by venakiki
Umiko page doll by venakiki
Chibi Castiel animated by venakiki
Icon= 5 :points:
Page Doll= 10 :points:
Animation= 10 :points:
Digital Art
Untitled by
AT:  nefufuu by venakiki
RQ: NisaNoArika(UPDATED) by venakiki
[Fullbody|Halfbody|Headshot]= 4 :points:
[Fullbody|Halfbody|Headshot]= 4 :points:

[Fullbody|Halfbody|Headshot]= 4 :points:
[Fullbody|Halfbody|Headshot]= 4 :points:

[Fullbody|Halfbody|Headshot]= 4 :points:
[Fullbody|Halfbody|Headshot]= 4 :points:
Traditional Art
le UTAU,dump sketch//lazycry by venakiki
[Fullbody|Halfbody|Headshot]= 3 :points:
[Fullbody|Halfbody|Headshot]= 3 :points:

[Fullbody|Halfbody|Headshot]= 3 :points:
[Fullbody|Halfbody|Headshot]= 3 :points:

[Fullbody|Halfbody|Headshot]= 3 :points:
[Fullbody|Halfbody|Headshot]= 3 :points:

Imma bored so click if you want .w.
also this is my last day in DA

lel JK

Journal History


venakiki's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art


Help me level my baby QWQ//kicked
if not Imma will stalk chu :iconscaryrussiaplz:

About Me
I'm just a normal teen currently 13 years old & I'm from Muar,Johor,Malaysia :iconcatlaplz:(now I stay at Kuala Balah,Jeli,Kelantan),I'm Otaku & K-pop fan(don't hate me if you hate K-pop QAQ),I love drawing especially draw boy :iconheplz:,I draw since I'm 3 years old(lol I just draw at wall at that age//SHOT),I'm still new of making animation ^^;,I use mouse to draw & my window type is Window 7 & Window XP(I have 2 lappy but window 7 is mine & window XP my dad,lol now Imma use ze lappy & ze dad lappy :iconminghideplz:),programs that I use is Paint Tool SAI for drawing, for draw background or edit le crappy art,Photoscape for make animation or edit my background,sometime I just use MS Paint to draw(if I bored),I love draw while listen K-pop music & Vocaloid or find idea,but sometime my idea come from someone who inspire or my friend,I love to sing but just a bit 8T(I don't sing when someone there or with me),lol one more thing I start to love Yaoi/BL since I was 9 or 10//stabbed,
I'm maybe childish,crazy,annoying,weird,pervert & random but sometime I'll be serious & mature at some part:icondeathstareplz:

that's all~ :aww:

More About Me
~Imma Otaku AKA Ota-cool~!
~Imma fast typer (sometime I'll mistake type the word)
~Imma not just K-pop or Vocaloid fan but Imma is J-pop fan too
~Imma love read Manga & watch Anime
~Imma love cute thing & scary thing too lol
~Imma love boys stuff(clothes) & love girls stuff a bit
~Imma Malaysian & proud to be part of Malaysian
~Although I have many idea to drawing but Imma always think that Imma can't do it ;3;
~Imma love BL & Yaoi (well if you hate it I'll still respect chu)
~Imma love shota/loli & bishie boy lol
~Imma bullies but only bully bad boys (yep boys at ze school always get bully by me & ze BFF)
~Imma 4 eyes but Imma still can see although with out glasses .w.
~Some of peeps don't know that I have 50+ or more :iconkurokohideplz:
~Imma hate Wannabe girls although they scramble to be my friend (lol Imma popular at school~//killed)
~Imma VERY lazy artist :P
~:iconyandereplz: Imma is Yandere SOMETIME so watch out .3.
feel free to add "kun" or etc(other boy nickname) at ze name & be nice with me,I don't want see any drama or fight at ze profile 8T
NOTE: sorry if I not reply your massage,that doesn't mean I don't like chu or something it just I don't know to reply or say what to chu

[Tomboy|Calm|Very firm|A bit shy|Frank|Honest|Quiet|Not talk much|Rough|Fierce|Stalker|Emotionless|Bullies|Evil|Lazy|Yandere|Kuudere|Dandere|Tsundere|Loli/Shota]

My Other DA Account

My Other Account
[+Facebook:Nur Kasih Nadhirah|+Twitter:VK Umiko|+Tumblr:Umiko FanFiction|Umiko Art|BL & Yaoi Lover|+Blingee:Umikozuki12|+Facebook Page:Umiko Crappy Art|Special Hetalian Empire Community Group|+YouTube:VK Umiko|+Blog:Umiko Art|+Squiby:Venakiki]

Join The Group

What I Use
Paint Tool SAI by LumiResourcesMicrosoft Paint by LumiResourcesTraditional Tools by by LumiResourcesPhotoscape by LumiResourcesDigital Camera by LumiResources

Language That I Know
French 3 by Faeth-designChina lang2 by Faeth-designKoreaLanguage Level stamp3 by Faeth-designJP Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-designUSA Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-designSpanish lang2 by Faeth-designItalian language level by kailafoxxplzJohorean Language Level : Expert by Malaysia-PegasusMalay Language level - Expert by AkiahashiRussian 3 by Faeth-designSwedish Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-designAU EN Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-designBT EN Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-design

le DA Family
i love you - plain and simple by hollyhox
+ze Tsun2 Butler:iconkalu-chan11:
+ze Seme Partner AKA le Seme:iconkito-sama:
+My Onee-chan:iconvocaloidmidget:
+le BL Brother:iconnaotoran0601:
+My Older Sister:iconemilyfly99:
+My Brother:icondalong8:
+le Neko Lil Bro:iconchibinekokaito:
+ze Student:iconayano27:
feel free to ask me to be le family .w./

ze Stalker
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